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Residenze imperiali nel Lazio

This volume collects the speeches given on the occasion of the conference of the same name, which attracted a vast public, at the Conference Hall of the Observatory of Monte Porzio Catone in April 2004.

It presents up-to-date information about some of the main imperial properties in the Lazio Region, with the addition of two important papers on the imperial villas of Ladispoli and Anagni, which were not covered by the conference.

The volume aims to be a tool, obviously not exhaustive but certainly essential, for general reflections and future analyses of the subject.

Residenze imperiali nel Lazio, by massimiliano Valenti, Atti della Giornata di Studio, Monte Porzio Catone 3 Aprile 2004
"Tuscolana - Quaderni del Museo di Monte Porzio Catone 2"
Lbreria Cavour Editrice, Frascati 2008

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  • Massimiliano Valenti