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Ferrovia Museo della Stazione di Colonna - San Cesareo

Ferrovia - Museo della Stazione di Colonna, the Railway Museum of Colonna Station, was born on the resolve of a small circle of fans who had been striving for a while to open a veritable “Museum” in the former Colonna station, along the Roma-Fiuggi line that had been closed down in 1983.
In July 2006, the Culture Club “BCI.M.E.T.” (Associazione Culturale Italiana per il Museo Europeo dei Trasporti,
Italian Cultural Association for the European Transport Museum) were given as a free loan from Met.Ro. S.p.A. the part of the Colonna station that consisted of the passengers buildings and the freight warehouse, the railway yard and approximately 500 metres of rails, the last part left over from the railway line. Complex and expensive renovations then began to refurbish the buildings, to reclaim and restore the outdoor area and to extend the yard, as well as slowly relocating and restoring some of the “historical” rolling stock.

With a view to opening a railway “Museum”, the “Fondazione per la Ferrovia - Museo della Stazione di Colonna ex linea Roma - Fiuggi” was incorporated in January 2008, taking over from BCI.M.E.T., and, in just a few months, completed the renovation of the passengers building, converting it into an exhibition of a collection of railway implements and items, a photographic collection about “life at the station”, and documents about the Railway, while the former small utility building was converted into a reception area and a shop. At the same time, the association relocated and restored the last “historical” rolling stock of the former Roma - Fiuggi – Frosinone line, which had been previously spared from a certain demolition; such stock has a “historical” value, not least because it is the only one left over from the railway line (1916 locomotive “4”, 1921 electric locomotive “434”, 1949 unit and trailer “472-111”, 1953 articulated electric train “801”, several open-top and bogie freight wagons, including the bogie flat wagon no. 4, former steam railcar from the Fermo – Amandola railway line, ladder wagon no. 197, railway jeep, Kof locomotive, etc.).

There are plans to relocate and renovate more rolling stock from the Roma – Fiuggi railway line, which might be installed on the new rails built in the extension of the station yard and in the distinctive building of the former freight warehouse, which may be converted into a conference hall and a specialist library with books about transport, particularly on railway techniques.

It should be noted that a large part of such rolling stock and the station buildings have now been listed by the Monuments and Fine Arts Office as part of the cultural heritage, while the Foundation is preparing the documents required for other parts.
The “Ferrovia Museo” has already been officially acknowledged by the Cultural Services Office of the Province of Rome and is supported by the Municipality of San Cesareo, where the museum stands, and by the Municipality of Colonna, which the station is historically related to.

In addition, a tight schedule of events, theme shows and public openings have been happening for some time, attracting crowds of fans who have always fervently supported such initiatives.

Paola and Ennio Arena

Address and Contact details:
Via Casilina 17- San Cesareo
Tel. and Fax 069439290

Opening hours:
st October to 31st March
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, group tours by appointment
Friday 9,30-13,30
Saturday-Sunday 9,30-13,30; 14,30-17,30


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