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Museo Archeologico di Valmontone (MAV)

The Museo Archeologico di Valmontone (MAV), located in the prestigious Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, is the fruit of a partnership between the Archaeological Heritage Office of the Region Lazio, the Municipality of Valmontone and Treno Alta Velocità. Surveys conducted in preparation to the laying of new railway facilities unearthed a number of extremely important archaeological sites. Finds dating back to between the Archaic age and the late Imperial age compose the first core of MAV.

The ground floor is home to an introductory section about the local area plus halls fit for displaying old and new items, temporary exhibitions, cultural events and public initiatives. The upper floor of the museum offers an overview of the archaeological sites and illustrates some related topics through a wide range of educational devices: the coal merchants’ village of Colle Carbone, the industrial settlement of Colle dei Lepri, the homestead, the baths and the brickworks of Colle Pelliccione.

In addition, visitors can see the frescoed rooms of the Palace, decorated between 1658 and 1661 by Mattia Preti, Pierfrancesco Mola, Gaspard Dughet, Francesco Cozza, Guillaume Courtois and Giovambattista Tassi. Some of the rooms are being renovated, so only the Fire Room is accessible.

Manager of Palazzo Doria Pamphili:
Monica Di Gregorio

Address and Contact details:
Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Piazza della Costituente - Valmontone
Tel. 0689686918

detail of a painting detail of a sarcophagus