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Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell'Abbazia San Nilo

The Museum, which is housed in the Monastery of San Nilo, founded in 1004 on the remains of a Roman villa, contains a central section started in 1875 with materials unearthed over the centuries by the Basilian Monks.

The archaeological collection includes, as well as a famous ancient stele dating from between the late V and the early VI century BC, showing a sitting deceased young man, lots of marble finds, sarcophagi, portraits, including one of Alexander the Great and one of Constantine; it also exhibits an interesting set of inscriptions, mostly funeral ones.

Its historical-artistic collection is also remarkable, with its frescoes from the mediaeval church, Islamic and Sicilian pottery, items and rare sacred vestments, such as the precious Omophorion, a 14th-century silk and gold bishop’s banner.

There are also plans to make a model of the hypogeum known as "delle Ghirlande", a sepulchre of the Imperial age found in 2000 near the catacomb Ad Decimum and Grottaferrata, which brought to life the sarcophagi and depositions of Aebutia Quarta and T. Carvilinus Gemellus, father and son, respectively.

Another outstanding piece from the excavations is a beautifully-crafted, precious gold and rock crystal ring.
The museum is currently closed for refurbishments.


Giuseppina Ghini

Address and Contact details:
Corso del Popolo, 128
00046 - Grottaferrata (Rm)
Tel. 06 9459309

Admission:The museum is currently closed for refurbishments.