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Museo Civico Lanuvino

In a wing of the Town Hall, the Museo Civico of Lanuvio has recently been moved back to its original premises, which were almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The current exhibition halls contain a pre-Roman and Roman section, an epigraphic section and a mediaeval section, with a number of panels explaining the finds and the most important monuments of ancient Lanuvium.

The most noteworthy exhibits include a magnificent, rare fresco from the Augustan age, portraying Dionysian themes, some marble fragments from the Licinius Murena group (I century BC), and a number of Archaic and Hellenistic architectural slabs and votive pieces from the Sanctuary of Juno Sospita. Worth a mention are also the vestiges of the balineum of ancient Lanuvium, now embedded in the exhibition halls of the Museum. The Museum should very soon be completed by an archaeological workshop for schools and a section about everyday life in ancient times.

Luca Attenni

Address and Contact details:
Piazza della Maddalena, 16 - Lanuvio
Tel 0693789237
Fax 0693789229

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sunday
10,00 - 13,00; 15,00 - 18,00 (winter)
10,00 - 13,00; 16,00 - 19,00 (summer)


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