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Museo della Città

Located in four recently-renovated halls in the 17th-century core of the Cathedral, the Museo della Città, or City Museum, illustrates the history of the settlements of a millennium-old region.

The exhibition is divided into three sections, with a wide variety of collections, composed of archaeological finds (let’s mention an Iron-Age paste amphora, a wonderful polychrome mosaic and fragments of a fresco dating back to the Imperial age, architectural terracotta pieces, statues and coins from Tusculum and the magnificent Tusculan villas), a Medieval Papal bull, XVI-XVIII century majolicas, 17th-century paintings.

Engravings and original XVII- and XIX-century documentary materials, supported by plastic models, a wealth of educational and illustrative materials, a video projection room, invite visitors to rediscover and visit the rich archaeological and historical-artistic heritage that can be found all over this geographical area.

Massimiliano Valenti

Address and Contact details:
Via Simone Pomardi, 1 - Monte Porzio Catone
Tel. 06 94341031
Tel. 320/7871831(reservations for guided tours)

Opening hours:

Friday-Sunday 9.00 - 13.00; 15.00 - 19.00

Opening hours will differ during exhibitions

ticket € 2.00; concessions € 1.00
Museo della Città + Barco Borghese € 4.50; concessions € 3.00
Polo Museale Urbano € 5.50; concessions € 4.00
Guided tours € 1.00