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Museo Diffuso del Vino

Unveiled in 1999, the Museo Diffuso del Vino, the Wine Museum, consists of three separate places in the old city centre which until a few years ago were actually used to make wine, a product that is closely related to the local culture and economy. It is called diffuso because the exhibition consists of modules, it does not run along a seamless trail. More halls may be added to the museum, not least with a view to protecting the wineries of the old city centre.

The sections of the exhibition (archaeological, iconographic and documentary) display materials (tools, items and machinery) that have to do with vine growing and wine making, largely coming from donations and private loans plus educational panels, large-size pictures, displays of wines made by the local wineries and specific, distinctive environments.

There is also a place where you can taste the local wines plus a unique underground tour of the tufa-dug cellars.

Massimiliano Valenti

Address and Contact details:
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 22, 32, 46 - Monte Porzio Catone
Tel. 06 89686503
Tel. 320/7871831 (reservations for guided tours)

 detail of a wine barrel interior view of the museum