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Roman Aqueducts and Passerano Castle

This site is a “tour-cum-museum” of great archaeological, historical, geological, natural and wildlife interest, running through one of the most fascinating places in the Roman countryside.

The tour starts with a visit of part of the ancient Via Prenestina, with the "Tagliata", the gorge cut in the tufa at S. Maria di Cavamonte, followed by the Amato Bridge, a masterpiece of Roman street engineering. This is the start of the tour of the Roman Aqueducts Anio Vetus, Aqua Marcia, Anio Novus and Aqua Claudia, running through Gallicano, furrowed by lots of parallel gorges cut into tufa by a sequence of ditches. To cross these ditches, the ancient Romans built monumental bridges, such as Ponte della Bulica, Ponte di Caipoli, Ponte Taulella and Ponte Pischero, which are still wonderful masterpieces.

Finally, the Passerano Castle (X century), which belonged to the Colonna, Ludovisi Boncompagni and Rospigliosi Pallavicini families, soars above the hill of the same name, from which it overlooks the surrounding countryside, in a fairy-tale setting.

Ufficio Cultura-Comune di Gallicano nel Lazio

Addresses and Contact details:
Ufficio Cultura, via Tre Novembre, 7
Comune di Gallicano nel Lazio
Tel. 0695460093 ticket 230
Fax 0695460043

Opening hours:
by appointment


view of the portal view of the tower