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Scuderie Aldobrandini - Museo Tuscolano

The collection of finds in Museo Tuscolano, which is on the ground floor of Scuderie Aldobrandini – a 17th-century building recently renovated by Massimiliano Fuksas –, is one of the few historical collections in the province of Rome. The time-and-theme based tour of the museum, mainly regarding the Republican and Imperial age, ends with a historical-artistic section, which exhibits models of the Tusculan Villas along with several valuable ancient engravings.

The bulk of the collection consists of lots of materials unearthed in Tusculum, including those that have been recently found in the area of the Forum and Theatre by the Spanish School of History and Archaeology.

The most outstanding finds are some cinerary urns with inscriptions about the Rabirii family, dating from the IV-III century BC, the bottom part of a colossal statue in which Paolo Moreno recognised a Cyrene-type Aphrodite Urania dating back to circa 50 BC. Also interesting are an archaising statue of Dionysus with a panther from the II century AD and a votive clay fragment of the Augustan age, showing a young man.

Giovanna Cappelli

Address and Contact details:
Scuderie Aldobrandini, Piazza Marconi, 6 - Frascati
Tel. Fax 069417195

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10,00-18,00 Saturday-Sunday 10,00-19,00

ticket €2; including the exhibition, ticket €5.50, concessions €3

interior view of the building detail of a statue