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Sistema Museale Museum Grand Tour is a network of museums and archaeological sites located in the Municipalities of Cave, Colonna, Gallicano del Lazio, Genazzano, Frascati, Lanuvio, Monte Porzio Catone, Monte Compatri, Palestrina, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora, San Cesareo, Valmontone and Zagarolo, with Comunità Montana Castelli Romani e Prenestini as the leader.

The network, which was established in 2003 under an agreement between the participating Municipalities, was eventually joined by: MiBAC (Ministry of the Cultural Heritage) with Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici of the Region Lazio representing the three national museums under its jurisdiction (Museo Nazionale delle Navi Romane of Nemi, Museo Nazionale dell'Abbazia di Grottaferrata and Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Palestrina); the Diocese of Palestrina, with the Museo Diocesano Prenestino di Arte Sacra; Fondazione per la Ferrovia Museo della Stazione di Colonna.

Because the participating museums are so varied – archaeological, historical-artistic, demo-anthropological, scientific and religious - the cultural range is varied but also vast and further increases the already rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage of these places.


The priority goals of the Sistema Museale Museum Grand Tour are the general promotion of the local museums and cultural heritage, with a view to boosting the appropriate cultural, tourist and social use of the cultural heritage, the establishment of a connection between the local museums and the regional theme systems, the state facilities and the private collections, the rationalisation and optimisation of resources and investments, the establishment of a permanent connection with the schools.

Support and promotion of small museums is also essential. To achieve these goals, the Sistema promotes studies and surveys to raise public awareness of the collections available in each museum as well as the archaeological, historical-artistic, environmental and cultural heritage of the entire area of Castelli Romani e Prenestini.

Finally, another goal of the Sistema is to improve the quality of cultural opportunities for and in the area, not least to expand cultural tourism in the area.

Organisation – the bodies of Sistema Museale Museum Grand Tour are:

The Board of Governors, which lays down the policies and priorities, as well as admitting new institutions or private facilities into the Sistema. 

The President of Comunità Montana, who officially represents the Sistema.
The Scientific Committee, whose members are Museum managers and executives of the participating Municipalities, and which is chaired by the Manager of the Sistema; it is an advisory body and implements the guidelines laid down by the Board of Governors; in particular, the Scientific Committee develops cultural and educational programmes for Sistema Museale and coordinates the cultural activities of the museums, in conjunction with Comunità Montana Castelli Romani e Prenestini, in the implementation of the activities and in the pursuit of the purposes of the Sistema. 

The Executive Technical Secretariat, whose members are the President of Comunità Montana, the Scientific Committee Manager and the Project Leader of Comunità Montana.

The Comunità Montana, in charge of administrative management and providing organisational and operational support to the decisions taken by the bodies of the Sistema.